192.168.l.l is an IP address of an ADSL modem, many brands ADSL modem which is default to this IP address, by this, you can set up & change settings.

What You can Do with

Hey everyone here we are with an article to explain you all about modem IP address and how to change its settings then you will get all those necessary details from here. Once you enter Login to your web browser you will get complete management panel to change settings of it. You can configure your router and change settings of it, you will see various options like Network Management, LAN, MAC, ADSL, IP QoS, Options, WPS, WLAN settings, DSL, Security, proxy, WAN, PPPOE and DHCP client etc. after changing settings according to your requirements you can save it to use the internet. To change all these settings one has to be in the area of modem or you can change it by attaching LAN wire from your computer or laptops. Below we have given details about how to login to admin so guys check it if you do not know about it.

Default Wifi Router Password List

How to Login to IP Address?

  • First, of you have to enter to your web browser or you can click on a link provided in this article.
  • After that, you have to enter your username and password if you forget it then just follow some simple procedure given below its very easy to fix that problem.
  • If you are logging for the first time then you can use admin as your username and password.
  • After that, you can set a new username and password according to your choice.

What you can do if you forget your username or password?

This is a very big question for everyone who forgets their username or password of their router, so for that, we have explained 1 simple step by which you can reset all your settings and then you have to enter new username and password. All you need to do is take a modem in your hand and take a pin or a toothpick.

In a backside of your modem, you will find a small button which you cannot press with your figure so press it with a pin or a toothpick. After pressing that button, all your settings will be changed to default router settings, so you have to change it to custom settings to use the internet. We have also explained it with a picture, so it will be very easy for all of you to understand it.

There are many other IP addresses of various wifi routers, you can check its details by clicking on it. Check all necessary details by clicking below, and after that, if you have any questions then please let us know by writing in a comment box below. We have also mentioned companies name for all the default IP gateway, so see it guys know your wifi router IP.

After reading this complete article if you still have any queries relating to ip then guys please write us below we will be very happy to answer you back and try to explain you with a more precise method. We are here to help our readers so guys do not hesitate in writing us, anyone from our team will revert back with a complete solution. You can also refer this page again and again if you have any queries in future.