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What Is the IP Address

Similar to or, is a private IP address that many vendors use as their default gateway. Admin Router Longin
admin login tp-link

Network managers and administrators frequently use Therefore, you should be aware of this IP address if you want to set up a LAN or if you use a router for any other purpose.

Some broadband routers have ip address 19216801 as their default IP address. The manufacturer sets this IP address as “the default” at the factory, but you are always free to modify it.

Check the IP listed next to the default gateway if you are unsure of your router’s IP address. This can be discovered by typing ipconfig at the Windows command prompt or IP route | grep default in a macOS Terminal window.

How to Access Router Settings Using IP Address

You probably already know how difficult it is to use a web browser to access or any other router IP address without the correct router password.

Every router is unique, and there are numerous default router login/password combinations to try, which is a problem.

Please follow the instructions below to log in to

1. Ensure that your device is linked to the network, either wirelessly or with an Ethernet cable. Verify that the modem cable is properly plugged into the router’s LAN port.

2. Launch your web browser of choice for Internet access.

3. Type or into the address bar at the top of your browser, NOT http://192.168.l.l (or 192.168.o.1 or 192.168 ll). Make sure you are typing the IP address correctly. While some routers support, a different version may be supported by others. Use a different browser and try again if the first attempt fails.

4. You will see a login form with the user name and password fields on the router/modem login page.

5. Type the router’s configuration page’s default username and password. The most frequent default logins for the IP address are admin and admin.

6. After entering your login information, you will be logged in and have access to the configuration page, where you can make the desired changes.

Locate the router’s IP address in various operating systems

One of the most popular IP addresses for accessing the router admin panel is typically Here is a guide to help you determine your device’s default router IP address if neither of them works:


If you use Windows, the process is simple for you. You will be able to discover the router’s IP address in less than a minute. Follow these quick instructions to find the router’s IP address on Windows:

1. Launch the Command Prompt by typing “cmd” into the search bar, or by selecting it from the Start Menu’s Windows System menu.

2. Type “ipconfig” into Command Prompt after it has opened, then click Enter.

3. Various outcomes will be shown on the Command Prompt Windows. Your router’s IP address is located next to the Default Gateway.


Although it isn’t particularly challenging, the process of discovering the default Router IP Address is slightly more complicated than Windows. To find the router’s IP address on macOS, follow these instructions.

1. Select Network under System Preferences in the Apple Menu (icon).

2. Decide which connection you want to stay connected to.

3. Select the Advanced option.

4. Go to the TCP/IP tab and click on it to view the router’s IP address.

find router IP default on mac
Router IP’s address

As an alternative, you can also use the Terminal app to discover the IP address of the router.

1. Launch the Utilities app’s Terminal application.

2. Enter the command in the terminal window.

netstat -nr|grep default

3. Results will appear, and next to the Gateway option, you can find 

Router IP Address on Terminal
Router IP Address on Terminal


To find the default router IP address on Android devices, use a third-party app. However, you can directly access your device to determine the IP Address for Android 7.0 and later versions.

For that,

1. Select Wi-Fi under Settings > Wireless & Networks.

2. Press the button labeled Configure.

3. Next to the IP address label, your router’s IP address will be displayed.


These steps can be used to discover the router IP address on iOS devices.

1. Select Wi-Fi under Settings.

2. Choose the network to which you are currently logged in.

3. Choose the Static tab.

4. You can locate the IP address of your router there.


On Linux, take the following actions to find the IP address:

1. Select Terminal under Applications > System Tools.

2. Type ipconfig in the Terminal window after it has appeared.

3. From the results, you can find your router’s 

Which do Routers Operate at is frequently used as the default IP address for routers. The following manufacturers have at least one router on the market with as its default IP address. D-Link, Linksys, TP-Link, Netgear and Dlink are the manufacturers with the most significant number of routers, with as their default IP address.

Your router will restart to save the modified settings once the gateway IP address has been changed.

What to do if you forget the ip address username and password

If your username and password have not been updated

1. The router comes with a manufacturer-supplied default username and password.

2. If the default username and password have yet to be changed, they can be found in the list above.

3. If you can locate the router’s user manual, you can also find the default username and password.

4. You can try to locate the information on the router sticker, which has the serial number and other information printed on it.

If you forgot the router’s reset button after changing the username and password

1. You must now restore the router’s factory default settings.

2. Look for the tiny hole marked “RESET” around the modem or router.

3. You must press and hold the button in the side hole for at least 10 seconds in order to flash the factory settings.

4. You can make use of a toothpick or a pen with a point.

5. You must now enter the IP address rather than 192.168.l.l after the router has been restarted.

6. And adhere to the default username and password login process.

7. Your Internet connection will need to be set up again because restoring to factory settings will erase all router or modem configurations.

8. To reconnect to the Internet again, keep your ISP’s provided settings close at hand. Only experienced people should attempt this.

How do you alter the router’s default IP address?

A unique router IP address is advised for several security reasons. Here are the steps:

  • TP-Link: Login to your web interface > Advanced > Network > LAN > Change as preferred in the IP Address field > Save changes.
  • D-Link: Access your admin panel > Setup Tab > Network Settings > Router Settings > Router IP Address > Save Settings.
  • NetGear: Login to NetGear Genie > Advanced > Setup > LAN Setup > LAN TCP/IP Setup > IP Address > Apply Changes.
  • Linksys: Access Linksys cloud account > Connectivity > Local Network > Edit > Enter the IP address > Change the Start IP address to the same IP address range > Apply > OK.

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