IP Address from this article you will get complete details about what it is meant for and what you can do with it.

Hello everyone, hope you all are fine, if you are unable to set up your Wi-Fi router then read this article as you will understand everything from it. This is a default IP address of a wifi router, so whenever you buy a new router, and to set up according to your local internet settings, you just have to type this IP address in your web browser after connecting a router with your PC. By doing this you can change the configurations of a wifi router to use the internet smoothly. This is local IP address of your wifi router, so whenever you want to make any changes according to your network provider you can use this IP address to do it.

What can you do with

In this paragraph we have explained that what you can do with this IP address, this IP address will help to change settings like LAN, Virtual directing, IP Qos, system administration, an assortment of security alternatives, blocking, MAC, NAT virtual server, PROXY, DHCP customer DSL, WAN, ADSL, DNS, Protocol settings, WPS, WLAN (WiFi), DMZ and various other, you can also block someone who is using your internet without your concern. This router will help you to do all necessary changes in wifi router settings, so guys get all information from this site. But guys IP address differ from company to company so you must have to check on the internet for an IP address of your wifi router.

How to get

When you open this network on your web browser, the first thing you will be asked is your username and password, if you are opening it for the first time then just press login button and later you can set your username and password. Afterwards, if you forget your username and password all you need to do is press a reset button which is given at the backside of your router, by doing this all settings will be changed to default settings. We suggest that if there is no other option then only press reset button because after pressing it, you need to configure wifi router again to use the internet.

If you have any queries relating to IP Address or you having any problems connecting this address you can write us in a comment box provided below, one of the members of our efficient team will answer back soon.

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