Admin Login for Rosewill, Fortinet, Engenius

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Table of Contents Admin Login for Rosewill, Fortinet, Engenius Admin Login

You can modify your Wi-Fi network by logging into your router using the IP address If you don’t have a password set or if it isn’t configured for your needs. Here is how:

  1. Access your device’s browser of choice.
  2. Enter one of the following:,, or www. Double-check that you are entering the correct URL, such as www. rather than www / or 192.168 o 1.2
  3. The router login page will appear in the browser. The password could be admin or 1234, and the user name could be root.

The default login information for your router can be found on the base if you don’t know it and have never changed it. You can restore the router to its factory settings if you changed the settings and then forgot them.

Any previous changes you made to your router will be lost, but the login information will be reset to the defaults.

Some default usernames & passwords for devices that use

BrandDefault UsernameDefault PasswordUsage Rate
EnGenius Techadminadmin100%

Top Brands Using

The router IP is frequently used by devices from Engenius, Fortinet, and Rosewill. If your device’s default IP address isn’t, you can always access the router settings and change it.

If you can’t access IP Address, you should try other IP Addresses:,, or

How to log in to IP address

  1. Join the WiFi network associated with your router before accessing the router’s admin section.
  2. An internet-enabled computer device, such as a laptop, computer, or smartphone, is required. Connect your computer device to your router after that. Either a wired or wireless ethernet connection can be used for this.
  3. Open your preferred web browser, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or Safari. Enter your IP address, into the search bar. Make sure you are typing the correct router IP address. 
  4. Type into the search bar to enter your IP address. Check that the IP address of the router you are using is correct.
  5. You can perform a factory reset to restore the factory default settings if you forgot your router’s username or password.
  6. Try performing a factory reset by pressing the tiny “RESET” button on your router/modem for 10–15 seconds until the LED lights begin to blink if you are still unable to log in. The router web-management UI’s default username and password can be used to log in.

How to set up your router with

At, you can access the router interface and change the settings to your liking. Despite the seemingly endless lists of numbers and acronyms, here is the information you need to be aware of. 

Any setting can be set back to its default position by pressing a button. Change the login information first, then perform the following actions:

  1. Open the menu to access the default settings.
  2. Choose the router password or a different option with a similar name.
  3. Enter the password you chose.
  4. Save the changes.

You ought to be able to change the username for the router to a name of your choosing on the same menu.

How To Find Your IP Address

A typical private IP address is But if it’s not your IP address, you can find the default IP address of your router by searching for your router model online.

Your router’s manual may also contain a listing of the IP address. You can use your computer to find your IP address.

For Microsoft Windows:

  1. In the bottom right corner of your screen, click the network icon.
  2. The menu is active —> choose the Wi-Fi network you use to access the internet.
  3. Various information will be displayed when you choose the Wi-Fi network. One of these will be IPv4, which has a string of numbers next to it that resembles, representing your IP address.

For Mac OS X:

  1. Open the Apple menu.
  2. Select “System Preferences” 
  3. Select the internet access network you use
  4. Your IP address will appear after the word router.

If your router’s IP address does not match or one of the other default IP addresses, it may have previously been changed.

If that’s the case and you’d like to reset it to default, you can do a factory reset on your router, which will also reset all of its other settings.

How To Change Your Local IP Address

You might also want to adjust your router’s IP address. There are two IP addresses for your router. Take note of your new IP address if you change it from because you’ll need it to get to your router’s administrative page.

Remember your new address because if you change your router’s local IP address, you won’t be able to access the router using

  • Access your router’s admin page by logging in. 
  • Look for the general settings menu on the home page or a menu with a similar name.
  • The next option is “network settings.”
  • You must navigate through this menu to the “router settings” section. Your IP address must be entered in this field.
  • Save your changes.

How To Change The Name And Password Of Your Wi-Fi Network

The internal network WIFI wireless router login method is often challenging to find. Try clicking this link to access the admin interface:

Refer to our article on router management login if you are having trouble connecting. Please refer to your router’s instructions or label if you can’t remember your username or password.

You can experiment with additional router settings, but you might also want to change the Wi-Fi network information. Its SSID or Service Set Identifier identifies your Wi-Fi network. Follow these instructions:

  • Select the wireless settings option after navigating the general settings menu. 
  • Enter the name of the WiFi network you want to use in the SSID field.
  • Save your alterations.

You can change your Wi-Fi network password from the same menu where you change the SSID. Enter your desired password in the Wi-Fi network password field after selecting it.

The login information for both your Wi-Fi network and router has now been set. You should continue to explore now, set parental controls or network optimizations, etc., after your internet is secure. 

How to reset the password for 

Resetting your modem is all required. You can easily do this by pressing the reset button on the bottom or back of your modem.

Your modem will return to factory settings if you press and hold this tiny button for about 20 seconds (you might need a toothpick for this).

You should be aware that resetting your modem will result in losing your internet connection. Therefore, it is preferable to seek an expert’s advice in this area.

If you don’t have enough knowledge, we advise you to seek assistance from a knowledgeable person.

Notes about IP address

The local IP address (also known as the private network IP, intranet IP, or private network port) of your router is Computer devices connected to the network will use this address to send data requests over the internet.

Additionally, your router has a public IP address. Your ISP and any website you visit use the public IP address to send information from your website to your router, which then sends that information back to your desktop using the private IP address. is one of the more common IPs routers can use as login addresses. It should be noted that different router brands have different default IP access addresses, and users typically have the option to change the default address.

The private IP address is free and can be saved, making it more useful in a local network than a public IP address.

Private IP is more secure than a public IP address because it cannot be accessed directly by the Internet. Private IP is frequently utilized in homes, schools, and business LANs.

Computers, smartphones, smart TVs, and other LAN-connected devices use private IP addresses to connect to the outside network via a router.

The router serves as a bridge between internal and external networks and has both internal and external network IPs.

You can use the local network address to access the router management interface to make relevant settings. For more information, consult the manuals of the various routers.

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