Admin Login in Belkin, Tenda Router

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Table of Contents is the default gateway address for Belkin, Tenda, and other routers which use DHCP to automatically assign an IP address to a computer that connects to the router’s LAN port. Admin Login in Belkin, Tenda Router
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How to log in using IP address

Using the IP address to log into a router is a fairly simple process. However, most people are unaware of how to log into a router because they don’t always need to change their IP address. So, no need to worry; we’ve got you covered. Take the following steps:

  • Verify that your computer or other device is linked to the network of the same router.
  • Once you’ve established a connection, launch a web browser and get ready to enter your IP address. It is located on the back of the packaging for your router.
  • Enter the router’s IP address: in the web browser’s address bar. This command will ask the user to authenticate themselves in a dialog box. If you receive an error message, your router’s IP address is not 192.168.2.l. Try typing it again without the autocomplete’s assistance.
  • This command will ask the user to authenticate in a dialog box. Most of the time, the username and password are both automatically set to “admin.” Don’t freak out if you’ve forgotten your username or password! To retrieve them, simply follow these instructions.

The IP address troubleshooting

What if something goes wrong and you enter the IP address into your web browser only to get the message “This webpage is not available”? In that case, you can try the troubleshooting steps listed below:

  1. Double-check your IP address entry: The most frequent cause of people being unable to access their router is incorrect IP address entry. Four numerical segments and three dots make up a private IP address; a dot does not follow the final segment. Therefore, IP addresses such as 192.168.2 or 192.168.2 are invalid. Additionally, you must ensure that the IP address is entered in the URL field. The IP address cannot be entered in some web browsers’ separate search fields.
  2. Verify that your router is operational: Verify that the router is powered on and operational. There should be at least one LED indicator light on the router to let you know whether it has started up and is connected to the internet. If your router has multiple colors of LEDs, the manual that came with it should explain what each color (or blinking pattern) means.
  3. Ensure your computer is physically connected to the router: It is rarely possible to access a router via WiFi by entering the IP address. Instead, an Ethernet cable must be used to link your computer to the router. Any Ethernet port on your router will work if you stay away from the WAN port. Why? You must connect the WAN to your modem because it serves as the uplink to the internet.
  4. Have a functioning internet connection: Even though you don’t necessarily need one to access your router’s admin interface, the absence of one is a clear sign that something is wrong with it. Occasionally, restarting the router is necessary to regain internet access and enable the 
  5. Try a different web browser: It’s unlikely that your web browser will prevent you from logging into a router using the IP address, but it only takes a minute to try a different one.

If you’ve tried everything and the problem still exists, get in touch with the router’s manufacturer or your internet service provider and request assistance. The hardware or software of the device may have malfunctioned, and you’re probably not well-prepared enough to fix it.

Common Routers Using IP Address

Anyone on a private network can use the IP address because it is only meant for private use and won’t result in an IP address conflict. In fact, since the IP address is frequently set as the default IP address for routers, there is a good chance that it is already in use on your own network. The default IP address for many well-known router manufacturers, including SMC, Tenda, Belkin, Airlink 101, and Edimax, is To access the router settings and set its authorization pattern, you need the correct information, regardless of whether you’re trying to log in to an Edimax or Belkin router.

In addition to routers, security cameras, smart home appliances, baby monitors, intelligent thermostats, and other connected devices found in contemporary homes also frequently use the IP address.

How to change WiFi password for 19216821 IP Address

If you don’t know the default login information or have forgotten your username and/or password for the login page, then:

  • Verify the label or box that the router was shipped in. Usually, it has the router’s serial number and the default login username and password written on it.
  • You should perform a factory reset if you changed the password and then forgot it. Look for a secret button on the router’s back. Use a needle or a paper clip to press and hold that button for 10 to 15 seconds. The router will automatically reboot. Everything will be reset to the default settings after it turns on, including any altered passwords.

Here is the list to help you be logged in to your router admin panel:

Router BrandUsernamePassword
Telekom Speedport(blank)Printed at the back of router
Airties (TTNET)admin(blank)

Methods to update username and password from different router brands:

Telekom Speedport

1. Open a browser and enter http://speedport.ip or

2. Select Basic Wi-Fi settings by clicking on Home Network.

3. Choose WPA2 as the encryption type under the Name and encryption section (very secure).

4. Fill out the WiFi key field with the new password.

5. To save the changes, click Save.


1. Open a browser and enter or http://home in the address bar.

2. Select Wireless, then switch on Wireless security (if not enabled by default).

3. As the Authentication type, choose WPA2-PSK from the drop-down menu.

4. You can set a custom encryption key of your choice or use the default encryption key printed on the system label.

5. To save the changes, click Save.


1. Open a browser and enter or http://router in the address bar.

2. Click Login and leave the Password field empty.

3. In the left menu, choose Wireless, then Channel and SSID.

4. Fill out the SSID field with your new WiFi name, then click Apply Changes.

5. Next, select Security from the Wireless menu.

6. Choose WPA/WPA2-Personal (PSK) Security Mode, and then type your new WiFi password into the Pre-shared key (PSK) field.

7. To save the changes, click Apply Changes.

More information about IP Address 

The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), a nonprofit private American corporation that manages IP address distribution worldwide, created private IP addresses like to postpone the exhaustion of IPv4 addresses. Since the late 1980s, experts have predicted that IPv4 addresses will run out and that IPv6 addresses will eventually take their place.

Private IP addresses do not have domain names attached to them because they are not distinctive. As a result, you must always type “” into your web browser’s URL field rather than “myrouter.com” or another similar phrase.

Device manufacturers don’t anticipate their customers to remember private IP addresses. Most of the time, your device’s MAC address, a hardware identification number that specifically identifies each device on a network, and the correct IP address are printed on a sticker on the back of your device.

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