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A typical IP address consists of four numbers separated by full stops (period marks). For example, 192.168 is the first octet of an IP address derived from a home network. Typically, routers have IP addresses like or

You need the IP address of your router, the username, and the password to access any AT&T router. The manuals for AT&T routers contain this information. If you don’t have your router’s manual, this article will be helpful to you.

How to log into an AT&T router at 192.168

  • Connect your laptop or computer to the router cable
  • Open your internet browser using your wireless network (e.g., Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Internet Explorer).
    • It is advised to use a wired connection when configuring the AT&T router to reduce being abruptly logged off when saving your changes.
  • To access the web-based user interface of your AT&T router, type its IP address into the address bar of your web browser. For example, is the most widely used router default IP. Or, the default IP address is if you rent a gateway from AT&T.
  • A username and a password can be entered in the two text fields that should be visible.
    • Most AT&T routers have the following default username and password: Username: blank space; Password: attadmin
    • Look at the router’s bottom to find your login details. Alternatively, consult your router’s manual.
  • Press “Enter,” and your router’s control panel should appear. 
  • The AT&T Router Web Interface will now be open to you. From here, you can control various router and home network settings.

How to set up your router


  • Start up the “command prompt.”
  • Select the Windows start menu or press the Windows button.
    • The “command prompt” app can be accessed by typing “cmd” into the search bar.
  • A black window will show up.
  • Type “ipconfig” Y
    • You need to look through the information and note the “default gateway address” after some information appears on the screen.


  • Select “System Preferences” from the “Apple menu” in the top left corner of your screen.
  • Select the appropriate network connection by clicking the “Network” icon.
  • Select the “Advanced” button to find the IP address.
  • Click the “TCP/IP” tab to find the IP address on the right side of the router.


  • Navigate to ‘Applications,’ —>  ‘System Tools,’ —> ‘Terminal.’
  • Type in ‘ipconfig.’
  • Your router’s IP address is listed beside ‘inet addr.

Change AT&T WIFI SSID & Password

The default WiFi SSID and password for each router are printed on a label on the back or side of the device. This information can put you in danger and is random and difficult to remember. Therefore, it is advised that you update this information. The following procedure can be used with AT&T routers to access the Router Web Interface:

  1. Open the AT&T Router Web Interface and log in
  2. Select Settings > LAN > Wi-Fi after logging in.
  3. Locate User Network by descending further.
  4. Enter the new SSID in the Network Name (SSID) field to change the SSID.
  5. Select the option to Use Custom Wi-Fi Network Password
  6. Type the new password into the appropriate field.
  7. Click on the Save button to save the changes.
  8. The router will reboot, and you must re-join the WiFi network because the SSID and password have been modified.

How to change settings for router AT&T

To increase the security of your AT&T network, you can modify various settings in addition to the password.

  • The SSID (Service Set Identifier) represents your network’s name. You can alter it to make it more unique or hide it so that other devices can’t see it.
  • Using automatic updates is a great way to increase the security of your network. To counter new viruses and malware, AT&T regularly releases new firmware updates.
  • To divide up the devices on your network, create virtual local area networks, or VLANs. Then, other devices won’t be impacted if one gets a virus or becomes compromised in any other way.
  • WPA3 encryption: WPA3 is a security protocol that most AT&T modems and routers support, allowing you to increase device encryption. However, not every device supports WPA3; most sold before 2020 do not.

Issues when logging into AT&T Routers 

  • If you lose your password, try your hardest to reset the router login. The small black button on the back of your router should be pressed and held for roughly 10 seconds. This will restore the factory settings on your router.
  • If the login page doesn’t load, ensure your computer or other device is connected to Wi-Fi. Also, verify that the incorrect router IP address isn’t being used as the default.
  • Sometimes, pages may experience loading or speed issues. A different IP address is likely being used by your network. Please refer to our list of IP address routers to find the correct address.

How to reset my AT&T Router

1. Find the factory reset button on your AT&T U-Verse device: Locate the factory reset button on your AT&T U-Verse device. On the back of the device, the reset button is typically red.

2. Press and hold the reset button for at least 20 seconds to start the factory reset. The device will start the factory reset when the button is released.

3. Wait until the reset is finished: Give the reset some time to complete. Then, restart the AT&T U-Verse device after approximately 5 minutes. With factory default settings, your router should boot up.

Remember that resetting your AT&T router will remove all of your customized configurations. But you will be able to access it using the standard log in information.

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